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Presto! Interactive Opera

Opera can seem such an inaccessible art form that it is easy to forget that it is simply a great story set to music. Presto! brings a unique perspective and love of storytelling through music to all – come experience the thrill of a live production!

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Video courtesy of Emmet Van Slyke 

Current Productions

Now Enrolling! After School Student Programs

 Presto offers two levels of after school classes. Not everyone is ready to jump on stage, that’s why we offer options to meet each child where they are!

Interactive Programs

After School Student Programs

Student productions are original musical experiences designed to help students develop their acting and singing skills. Our original scripts and small casts ensure that all children who participate are featured. Every production included audience participation so friends and siblings can feel included.

Summer Camps

Make theater with others who share your passion. Our professional performers offer sessions of musical theater summer camps packed with singing, dancing, and acting for ages 7-12. Each one-week camp session is a separate theater experience for performers of all abilities and backgrounds. 

Community Programs

Have your organization host as online course discussing one musical each week that is specially designed for adults and can be adapted for adults with special needs. Each one hour class is hosted by top industry professionals who discuss the plots of beloved musicals, involve the participants in sing-alongs, and have a live performance each week by an acclaimed guest artist!