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Student Programs

Presto offers two levels of after school classes. Not everyone is ready to jump on stage, that’s why we offer options to meet each child where they are!

Original scripts and small casts make sure that all children are featured, and every production includes some audience participation so friends and siblings can feel included! We want all our performers to experience the thrill of a stage production, and foster growth in their confidence, courage, and independence.

Andante Grade K – 3

An introduction to musical theater, each class will include singing, dancing, acting and improvisational games. At the end of the session, there will be a short presentation of songs and scenes.

This is a great place to start, and perfect for those who want to try out musical theater, but aren’t sure if it’s right for them. Everyone will have a part as they create drama and bring a tale to life by using the tools of body, voice, and imagination. There will be some memorization assigned throughout the session, and some solo lines assigned to those who are ready.

Class size limit: 12

Allegro Grade 3 – 5

Let’s put on a show! Cast members of various experience levels will put on an original musical that has been customized to the current cast. All performers will develop their acting and singing skills, and work on projection and memorization capabilities. All lines and songs are memorized and everyone will have a costume and a speaking part.

Casting will be assigned after the first session, and students must be present at the last session for the performance. Once registered in the class, a script and song files will be emailed. Parents should play the song files as often as possible, and assist non readers with memorization.

Class size limit: 18

Currently offered only at Yick Wo Elementary School

Contact Us if you are a program organizer and would like to book at your school!